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Privacy Policy


In order to protect you privacy in every way, we have put together a policy that you must go through before placing an order with us. It is as follows.

Personal Information

When placing an order with us, you are required to fill out an order form, that has fields for details such as name, email ID, etc. You must know that this information of yours is absolutely safe with us, and will never be sold or released to a third party. Also, this means that no one, not even your professors and peers, will get to know of your dealing with us.

Financial Details

While making your payment using our online system, you are required to enter in all your financial details that are essential for the transaction to be processed. You do not need to fear anything at this step, as our system is heavily protected against any possible foreign intrusion. Also, in order to make sure that no one accesses your precious information, our servers are wiped off clean as soon as the transaction has been made. As a consequence, not even a single trace of your financial details remains with us. Lastly, in order to prevent our employees from viewing your information, it is encrypted as soon as it is entered within our system.


These are a feature of your browser that store certain information from the time that you spend on our website. If you do not like this fact, then you can disable cookies in your browser. However, doing so might not let you enjoy certain features of our website fully.

Quality Control

In order to make sure that all of our clients receive authentic content that has been written especially for them, we have a quality assurance department that checks each and every completed order for plagiarism. This ensures that no one gets into trouble by using our services. Also, all the assignments that have been previously completed are not visible to our current and future clients.